We treat:

Hawkesbury Orthodontics offers treatment ranging from early interceptive procedures where indicated for young children, through to comprehensive programs for teenagers and adults of all ages. Age is no barrier to a beautiful and healthy smile.

All plans are individualized and based upon a thorough analysis of orthodontic records including a patient history, photographs, X-rays and dental casts.

Hawkesbury Orthodontics is a specialist and as such is only in a position to offer Orthodontic services.


We offer:

Braces – Stainless Steel with coloured elastics holding the wire onto the bracket.

Ceramic – The brackets are tooth coloured and less visible.

Removable Appliances.

Space Maintainers.

Expansion Appliances; fixed and removable.

Retainers; fixed and removable.

Functional Appliances.

Habit Corrector.

Lingual Braces.

Clear Aligners


The initial consultation fee includes the comprehensive treatment planning appointment and any subsequent recall appointments and photographs taken.

There is no fee for X-rays as our patients are bulk billed by the local Radiology department.

Payment for braces usually involves an initial deposit and then bi-monthly instalments. Payment plans can be customized to suit the patient.